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I was with fourteen drunk, horny twenty year olds in a room we shoved dressers in front of the door to keep locked. Okay, so this week we got a rather interesting submission.

Look now didn't no cock sucking go on in Sigma Nu. Free huge tit milf porn. So in this latest video we recieved from some guys down south they put there pledges through hell. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered "What if I'd stayed in the Village and had him move in with me? More frat stories please. Naked frat brothers. They sure look real. These soon-to-be frat boys will never forget this day. After doing some human bowling, they make both of them do some man to man jelly wrestling.

Well of course this guy flips out and chases them down the hall. I couldn't resist sucking on his cock for a few seconds. Brazilian lesbians having sex. He held it there and it actually took a bit of effort for me to move my hand out of from under his like 4 or 5 seconds after he put it there.

This bonding would be repeated many times during the pledge period and the goal was to create a special bond between the two guys. He was a wrestler, and a nice guy.

I broke up with him on the front porch about six weeks later. It was worth it when I became a junior. I came out the next year and moved away.

We lost touch completely, and the next time I saw him, he was a quilt panel. This weeks submission winner comes from somewhere in Florida.

I blew one a couple of times - I put the moves on another when I was really drunk and thought I was getting the signal, but was very wrong. They were put through several activities and tests such as icy nuts, where they had to put icy hot on each others balls and withstand the icy then hot sensation; ass grape, when they had to run a mini obstacle course with a grape wedged up their ass; and the most complicated task was the 15 minute nut race, in which the pledges had their hands taped up and they had to bust a nut in under 15 minutes without using their hand.

Most of the guys would cum quickly, unless they were drunk. That's just gross r I was just starting to realize I was gay and was not out at all to anyone. Read more views on the debate about preventing sexual assault on campus: I smelled like cum for days.

So this week we received a crazy video from a southern college. When they found out who it really was…. You can call me a whore, darlin'. It was a woman who designed his quilt panel, so I was never really confident he'd come out. Best nude women ever. Jessica Bennett is a contributing columnist at Time.

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My experience with guys was pretty much nonexistent.

The pledges in this frat had to clean the entire frat house after a party…wearing french maid outfits. Nude photos of jewel. Okay, so this week we got a rather interesting submission. Never screwed around with any frat brothers, but there were circle jerks that I participated in.

Not boring at all. But please include details about the sexuality of the brothers you blew. Naked frat brothers. Seriously, though, at this point, I think you're right: Despite the lack of chicks they start playing strip pong. Theta Chi house was home to a lot of gays at my university. I walked to the door of his bedroom where he was laying sprawled out on the bed completely naked.

Have any of you ever woken up from a night of partying and found out that your friends drew cocks all over your face and down your back while you where passed out? It was a study for a Sociology course. On top of that they played their version of anal ring toss.

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This poor pledge had to suck thier brothers dicks. So we all remember the timeless classic Simon says right? Which begs the question: He had an incredible body. Teresa may nude photos. One night I discovered the best looking guy in the house passed on on the kitchen table naked. Did it happen in the fraternity house? The frontal nudity will not appear in the version airing on the FX network linear telecast. It was worth it when I became a junior.

Hey there guys, so this week we have a rather unusual submission, This Frat had their pledges endure a series of physical,mental and loyalty test. All of sudden dicks are being sucked and going into assholes it was gay pandemonium all over the place. The stakes get higher and higher and well you can guess what happens from there.

He fell in love with me and wanted us to get an apartment together. We are all 40ish now. Fuerteventura nude beach. My HS friend introduced me around but went on his drunken way. I call upon the spirits of Hashish, Cocaine, and Heroin to seduce thee into the Aeon of

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This frat was low on funds and needed to find a quick and easy way to make some money. The snippets of conversation I heard from him in class made me view him as a typical douchebag frat bro and I was not happy to have him in my group also because i'm very shy and he was very cute. Mari morrow nude. He wanted to walk out of class with me and he ended up walking out alone.

I mean this brother is totally gay right down to shaving his balls and having the pledges give him head. Tits video sex He used to come within two minutes, and then his big dick would rest against his thigh, getting softer. We are all 40ish now. They would all be in a circle and jerk off on the cookie in the middle. I meant to say he walked around the house naked. I guess I have to eat all of your cum. Naked frat brothers. There were some times when things got abusive, which also was against the rules, like with pissing and smacking around.

This guy would get drunk out of his mind every week-end. I moved out instead - I wish I'd fought it, but I wasn't out and it was a different time.

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